Full-Width Seat

Part No:   332
HCPCS Code:   E2609

How To Order

How to Use AEL's Seat Configurator:

  1. Provide seat info: frame width, seat depth, foam type and upholstery
  2. Select modifications
  3. Scroll up to "Add to Cart" (located above seat info)
  4. Select hardware

Note: Add seat/back and modifications to cart before moving onto hardware
Provides broader seating surface, matching the approximate width of the frame
• The hardware is limited to our Knob-Release Hardware or Flat Hook Kit. Hardware sold separately.
• 10-32 T-nuts for mounting hardware
• Zipper closure on cover
• Your choice of foam and upholstery type and color over a plywood base

HCPCS Code (Full-Width Seat with modifications and hardware): E2609


  • Frame Width: 10" Frame Width (10)
  • Seat Depth: 10" Seat Depth (10)
  • Foam Type: No Foam (1/4" Landau) (00)
  • Contact Upholstery Color: Vinyl - Black (01)
  • Non-Contact Upholstery Color: Vinyl - Black (01)
Select Specifications as well as modifications before clicking Add to Cart
Frame Width
Seat Depth
Foam Type
Contact Upholstery Color
Non-Contact Upholstery Color
Scroll up and click "Add to Cart" before selecting related accessories.