Full-Width Cushion

Part No:   334
HCPCS Code:   E2609

How To Order

How to Use AEL's Seat Configurator:

  1. Provide seat info: frame width, seat depth, foam type and upholstery
  2. Select modifications
  3. Scroll up to "Add to Cart" (located above seat info)
  4. Select hardware

Note: Add seat/back and modifications to cart before moving onto hardware
Cushion only
• Zipper closure on cover
• Loop Velcro sewn to cushion for attaching to seat base
• Your choice of foam and upholstery type and color

HCPCS Code (Full-Width Seat Cushion with modifications): E2609


  • Frame Width: 10" Frame Width (10)
  • Seat Depth: 10" Seat Depth (10)
  • Foam Type: No Foam (1/4" Landau) (00)
  • Contact Upholstery Color: Vinyl - Black (01)
Select Specifications as well as modifications before clicking Add to Cart
Frame Width
Seat Depth
Foam Type
Contact Upholstery Color
Scroll up and click "Add to Cart" before selecting related accessories.