Pre-Assembled Seating System: Full-Width Seat

Part No:   MODEL-20
HCPCS Code:   E2291/E2617 + E2292/E2609 + E0956 x 2
Unit Of Measure:  EA

How To Order

How to Use AEL's Seat Configurator:

  1. Provide seat info: frame width, seat depth, foam type and upholstery
  2. Select modifications
  3. Scroll up to "Add to Cart" (located above seat info)
  4. Select hardware

Note: Add seat/back and modifications to cart before moving onto hardware
Type: Full-Width
Foam: ½” Soft SunMate over 1” Medium SunMate
Hardware: Flat Hook Kit w/ VERSAlock®

Type: R-Back Flat Drop-In
Foam: 1” Soft SunMate
Hardware: Forward Adjustment Kit w/ QuickClamps™

Included Items
QuickLink™ Seat-to-Back Hinge
Track Hardware
Trunk Pads w/ L-Brackets
Hip Pads w/ L-Brackets

Upgrades and Modifications are available to customize


  • Contact Upholstery Type & Color: Vinyl - Black
  • Non-Contact Upholstery Type & Color: Vinyl - Black
  • Letter Style: None
  • Thread Color: None
  • Text: Text/Name
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Model: Model
  • Frame Width: Frame Width
  • Push Handle: None
  • Back Height: A: Back Height
  • Total AEL Seat Depth: B2: Total AEL Seat Depth
  • Trunk Width: C: Trunk Width
  • Lateral Pad Height: D: Lateral Pad Height
  • Hip Width: E: Hip Width
  • Trunk Pads : None
  • Hip Pad Style: None
  • Hip Pad Size: None
  • Hip Pad Dimensions: Height (if size specific)
  • Hip Pad Dimensions: Depth (if size specific)
Select Specifications as well as modifications before clicking Add to Cart
Contact Upholstery Type & Color
Non-Contact Upholstery Type & Color
Embroidery/Monogram Modification
Letter Style
Thread Color
Wheelchair Information
Frame Width
Push Handle
Client / System Measurements
Use the diagram below to provide the measurements of the seating system and client (measurements given in inches).
Note: Total AEL Seat Depth is 2" more than Client Seat Depth (B = B2 minus 2")
measurement diagram
A: Back Height
B2: Total AEL Seat Depth
C: Trunk Width
D: Lateral Pad Height
E: Hip Width
Lateral Pads
Trunk Pads
Hip Pad Style
Hip Pad Size
Height (if size specific)
Depth (if size specific)
Scroll up and click "Add to Cart" before selecting related accessories.