To Protect You & Your Client

Each day, AEL is looking for options to work with our Complex Rehab Technology distributors to help diminish the barriers that COVID-19 is presenting to our industry. One solution includes offering direct-to-home shipping (aka “drop shipping”) to the client’s residence.  Direct-to-home shipping allows access to critical AEL products, while also protecting the client and the Assistive Technology Professional.

If you are interested in shipping an order directly to the client, call our Customer Care team or email


Requirements for shipping an order directly to the client:

  • The order must be placed by an Assistive Technology Professional or an AEL approved dealer
  • The purchaser must provide the client’s contact information for delivery


Please note that if the purchaser provides an incorrect address, AEL is not responsible for covering the cost of redirecting the shipment.  As with all orders, AEL can provide tracking numbers, but is not responsible for obtaining further proof of delivery (i.e. photos, signatures).